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~ 3 yr contract

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Bitmain S19J Pro 104 TH/s Mine approximately 0.012225 BTC/month!

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3 year contract ~ you will earn approximately 15-18% of a bitcoin annually!

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Money, Money!

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Money, Money!

Amazon carries a large number of wallets (bitcoin "cold storage devices") for just about every budget. I have both a Trezor and a Ledger. My experience, so far, has been educational. There are things to be aware of before you ever put your bitcoin in a new wallet. My blog will cover these pitfalls, be sure to check out the readme section.

Getting a wallet that you trust, understand, and feel comfortable with, is extremely important. I suggest buying two different brands, set them both up and place 1/2 of your bitcoin on one and 1/2 on the other. Transfer some bitcoin back and forth. (Free - if you're not in a major hurry).

Joe's BTC blog

It was November of 2020. I opened CashApp, bought $20 of Bitcoin, and the rest is history. From that moment on, I realized that I had been sucked in. Not just for the investment purposes, but to share the knowledge of what Bitcoin can do for humanity. It takes some forward thinking, as well as a look back into our own history, to fully appreciate what the developer(s) of Bitcoin have produced.

The reason that the masses remain poor and "under control", is because the system is owned by a select few, and they own 99% of the wealth, their desires are to keep us poor and unable to band together, so they divide us, because they remain in control that way.

The only way to combat this situation is to get out of their game completely by stacking, and hodling sats. Of course, we cannot avoid the tax man, unless we don't sell. This brings up the point of Bitcoin being a currency, or a legal tender. They cannot tax you extra for using bitcoin as a payment vehicle.

There are many valid reasons to not jump right in. I have learned that just because I learn by trial and error, does not necissarily mean others do too. As with any financial venture, please, do your research!! If you are only poking around Bitcoin to see if you can make a fast buck, I encourage you to look elsewhere, other than Bitcoin. Sure, you can use AI and buy low, sell high and make a quick buck that way, but after taxes, and time invested, have you really made money?

Bitcoin, in my opinion, is a fantastic store of value. People will point to the recent bear market and say "see? it's a rip off!". That short-sighted view obviously did not look at the financial markets as a whole. Some stocks that have been leaders of of industries, lost over 50% of value during the same time.

While my intentions regarding Bitcoin in the beginning were to save a retirement that had been shriveling instead of growing, I am now a proud member of the bitcoin mining community. I own a mining company in the US, with headquarters in Michigan, and another location being planned for Florida within the next 5 years.

This site is kind of a fun site for me. My plans, if demand warrants, will be to share what I know about Bitcoin, and provide ways to find the information that I do not know; send mailers with information that is "everythingBTC"; and post dates for Bitcoin related get togethers, gatherings, conferences, and the like.

Of course, this site will only be useful if there is feedback. I am in the process of constructing a database to collect your responses/ideas/constructive criticizems/and so on. Stay tuned for updates on the site. It will be more and more functional and helpful as I re-learn website development ;)

There are hundreds of new books about Bitcoin popping up all the time. The trick is to know what is garbage and what is worthy of your money. I don't know that trick, so if you figure it out, please let me know. LOL... it is difficult to know what to purchase, especially if you don't know the author's angle. The catchy or intruiging title does not always reflect the quality of the content either. (Don't judge a book by it's cover). Word of mouth is always good. But that usually means someone took the hit to find a good one.


Research always comes first. What are you trying to learn about, and why? How will the knowledge help? Is the information for general inquiry, or does it need to be technical? Is it strictly financial? Or is the information needed to code a Bitcoin solution on the blockchain? Bitcoin is loaded with rabbit holes, good to know where you are at before you jump in the pool. Welcome to the world of Bitcoin!!

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